All Aboard Program

Combining Safety & Fun During COVID-19

COVID-19 has posed some unprecedented challenges for us, particularly during the move-in process. We always have and will always put the safety of our residents first, no matter what. That is why we ensure all new residents adhere to quarantine rules for 14 days after move-in.

At the same time, we understand that moving into a new community is difficult, even under ideal circumstances. We want to make the transition as comfortable and enjoyable as possible.

Nothing about the current circumstances are ideal. However, we refuse to sink. We’re introducing our brand new All Aboard program to maintain the safety of our community and help new residents feel comfortable and connected.

The 14-Day Cruise Into Life at Our Community

Welcome Aboard!

Our All Aboard program is a fun and unique cruise-themed program designed to help you stay active, all from the comfort of your suite, or “cabin.”

We’ve planned safe and fun activities for every single day, including Zoom meetings with other residents, physically-distanced time with family, movie nights, and more! We’ll also give you a customizable door-hanger so you can tell us how you’d like to spend your time each day.

With special snacks, prizes, and more, there’s always something exciting to look forward to. By the end of your 14-day journey, the whole community will be waiting to welcome you home.

Your Passport to Adventure

We’ve created a full itinerary of activities to keep your quarantine time interesting and engaging, with new activities and experiences planned for every day!

Day 1 – Welcome Dinner

In preparation for your trip, we will provide dinner for you and a to-go dinner for your family who will enjoy it with you via zoom.

Day 2 – Welcome Cocktail

“Bon voyage:” as your cruise departs enjoy a welcome cocktail and meet the crew.

Day 3 – Decorate Your Mailbox

Decorate and place your mailbox outside, so while on your journey the other passengers and crew can keep in touch.

Day 4 – Passenger Meet & Greet

Meet the other passengers! Zoom meetings with the other residents

Day 5 – Zoom Exercise Class

Get up and get moving! Participate in a zoom exercise class.

Day 6 – Decorate Your Door

Decorate your door with your favorite colors, travel destinations, food, etc.

Day 7 – Receive a Special Gift

Be on the lookout. Today someone will be dropping off a special gift to your cabin door!

Day 8 – Window Visit

Stop in a port. Look out the window at a scheduled time for your friends and family!

Day 9 – Captain’s Meal

Join us for a captain’s meal with the Executive Director!

Day 10 – Movie Night

It’s movie night! Be on the lookout for popcorn and snacks, and enjoy a favorite flick.

Day 11 – Meet the Rehab Team

Get up and get moving! Meet the rehab team and enjoy a healthy smoothie or snack.

Day 12– Trivia Day

Fill out the trivia game and win a prize!

Day 13 – Community Video

Prepare to dock: Get to know the community with a one day video of all the common areas and what they are used for.

Day 14 – Welcome Parade

Last day of quarantine parade and welcome to the community!

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